Module Marketplace

Module Marketplace is a repository of 3rd party modules for custom video and data processing that can be installed directly onto a device. Instead of implementing a module from scratch, one that already exists in the marketplace may be installed directly on the device. Examples of such modules include the following computer vision/AI-based modules:

  • People counting

  • Gender/age classification

  • Emotion classification

  • Action recognition

  • Fall detection

  • Crack/damage detection

PSYGIG Mobility IoT SDK provides the angelo command line tool for managing and installing modules from the Module Marketplace.

Using angelo

Installing a module from the marketplace can be performed with a single command angelo install [module], where module is the name of the module in the marketplace.

angelo install people-counting

Once the module has been downloaded and installed, run angelo run [module] to run the module.

angelo run people-counting

See angelo man page for a complete list of options.